Training Notes March 11 – 16

March 11, Thursday

Earlier this week, I got small injuries at either my anterior deltoid or biceps or pectoralis major. So I reduced the bench press volume from Sunday to Tuesday, zeroed bench press volume at Wednesday and here we goes the Thursday.

Bench press: 65 kg x 8 reps x 1 set. Still not a full recovery, but I managed to do one set. And to lower the tension from wherever the injury lies, I pulled my elbows closer to my torso, and got better muscle sense for the chest.

Romanian deadlift: 65 kg x 8 reps x 4 sets. The trajectory still needs refinement. The lower half range feels perfect, but the upper half range is a bit off and somehow the lower back is involved, which is not good.

Seated Cable Row: 35 kg x 15 reps x 2 sets, and 40 kg x 12 reps x 3 sets. I do get a bit sense that the muscles between scapulas are involved, however, lightly. I have to find out a better way to train the muscle groups at my back.

March 12, Friday

Late night working so I missed the training slot.

March 13, Saturday, Coach day.

Tried a few back training sets, single-side rope pulldown, basic dumbbell row, weighted pulldown machine. Did not find a perfect one. Single-side rope pulldown is a promising one, while pulling-down, bend over to the same side. Tried to position the hip a bit forward, but it is delicate. Too little, there is no sense on the back; too much, there is more involvement for the external oblique. Basic dumbbell row is good, but only when there is someone else assisting me to put the elbows close to my torso.

Did two sets of bench press for 60 kg x 8 reps. The coach thinks that my injury is around the  origin of clavicular head for pectoralis major. He give me some techniques to massage and relax the origin of clavicular head, and it helps. The strange things is that when pressing the first set, I feel sore and some pain inside my right shoulder, while I feel much better at the second set.

March 14, Sunday

Bench press: 65 kg x 8 reps x 4 sets

Romanian deadlift: 65 kg x 8 reps x 4 sets. I think this combination may be a bit excessive for my arm. The last two sets of deadlifts are like hell.

Front lat pulldown: 35 kg x 10 reps x 3 sets

Rear lat pulldown: 35 kg x 10 reps x 3 sets

March 15, Monday

Sandstorm today. Rest day.

March 16, Tuesday

Bench press: 65 kg x 8 reps x 4 sets, and 60 kg x 8 reps x 4 sets, and 60 kg static hold x 10 seconds.

Single-side rope pulldown: the most impressive training today. 15 kg x 10 reps x 2 sides x 3 sets, and 10 kg x 8 reps x 2 sides x 2 sets. I changed the movement a little bit today. First, I changed from straight-arm position to bend-arm position with elbows locked, and the tension on triceps are lower now. Second, I changed from bending the torso to rotating the torso while pulling down, and this is extremely good as I got really well muscle activation at almost every pull.

Seated cable row: 35 kg x 10 reps x 3 sets.

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